Do you want to get rid of mosquitos? Do you want to know what those mosquito companies use? Of course, you do, and you're not alone. There are efforts to get rid of mosquitoes worldwide, but while I can't help you with that, I can help you get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard. Straightaway this sounds like a late-night infomercial, but I've found the solution.

For the last 5 years, I've always used one of those mosquito spray companies, which has always worked. I was skeptical at first as anyone who has put on bug-spray, gone outside, and still ended up with bites would be, but the mosquito spraying companies work.

Something kept rattling around in my brain: WHAT ARE THEY SPRAYING? It bugged me (pun intended) that there was some secret, all-natural spray that only they had. It seemed to be a secret as well-kept as the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that I've found it. Actually, I've found two options, but I'm pretty sure the first option I'll show you is the one that the majority of the mosquito companies are using. I nearly jumped for joy when I found it. I've spent a lot of hours combing the Internet to find this secret mosquito-guy society with no luck. That all changed this weekend.

I'll spare you the story of how I ended up down this rabbit hole again, but the secret is something you'd never have guessed, GARLIC JUICE!

Thanks to the fine folks at Garlic Research Labs, which sounds like a delicious place to work, we've got all kinds of garlic-solutions to control all sorts of pests.

Now the folks at GRL probably need to reach out because they don't seem to have a functioning website, and if you look them up on Google Maps, it doesn't quite seem like a company that produces the sole ingredient that powers thousands of pest control franchises.

That's Garlic Research Labs. 

I've got to give you a disclaimer. I haven't actually used the secret garlic juice yet. Still, according to the dealer resources on their website, it is what the largest mosquito defense companies use Mosquito Joe, Mosquito Squad, and others are listed on this large pdf.

I've ordered a gallon which should cover my property for a few applications and cost me $84.95 shipped. That's more economical than the ~$80 we were paying per application from our local company. With applications every few weeks, the yearly total was somewhere between $300 - $400.

How to Order Secret Mosquito Juice

I initially found the product at, but they wanted $24.99 for standard UPS shipping. I don't know about you, but 30% of the product price for shipping is well passed my "this is reasonable" limit.

It turns out, Garlic Research Labs does sell it directly under the brand Mosquito Barrier (link) but be warned, the website looks like a site I designed in the 90s in MS Frontpage. They also have the site,, which looks like the exact same product under a different brand with different coverage rates. GB seems to be targeted towards farmers for what it's worth.

Does it work?

This year we've got a crazy infestation of midges, and I can only assume that is because it is the year we haven't used a mosquito spray company to douse our property with delicious garlic juice.  We also have a plethora more rabbits running around the yard daily, which can be attributed to the animals taking over with the pandemic having locked everyone inside but according to the GarlicBarrier website:

"There is a huge list of insects and pests that it works on and you may see them by reviewing our label on this website."

Not exactly compelling sales copy but looking into the testimonials and recommended uses shows people claiming it helped them with rabbits and birds eating their gardens.  My family enjoys the bunnies until they start eating my wife's pepper plants and gnawing on her fruit trees, so we'll see how they react to this stuff.

The real target is the midges and mosquitoes, if it also prevents wasps and protects the garden without us having to use chemicals, that's a bonus in my book.

All-in-All, I have no idea if it works or not but all signs point to this being the secret weapon that these mosquito companies are using.

Alternative Mosquito Prevention Spray

In my research, I uncovered a second product that people claim works equally as well.  They also say that some mosquito companies use it as well, but it's not garlic juice.  TickKillz is the brand.

Tickkillz claims:
"Tick Killz is an All-Natural mosquito, tick and flea spray for the yard. By definition, natural ingredients include plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients…present in or produced by nature…produced using minimal physical processing…directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes. Here's a quick look at the All Natural ingredients used in Tick Killz:"

It's made from Cedar Oil, peppermint, 2-Phenthyl Propionate, and Ethyl Lactate.  I don't know what the last two are, but the website claims they are naturally found in food sources.

It doesn't look like it is available in any retailers in N.C. and the only viable place to buy it is Amazon (link) and some small 3rd-party websites.

Additionally, I couldn't find any companies that use it as their main product but it definitely has a loyal following of message board people who love it.

I assume it works in a similar manner as the garlic juice, where the oil coats plants and deters the bugs with the scent. Which makes sense seeing as cedar wood is naturally bug-resistant. I'll try it after the garlic juice but wanted to point it out the product so you have options.

Why All-Natural Is important

The term "all-natural" gets thrown around so much it has become almost meaningless.  It's a marketing gimmick that has gone too far. What I mean in this case is probably closer to 'organic'.  The Mosquito Barrier is organic as it is 99.5% garlic juice and it seems TickKillz is mostly cedar oil and to me that is important. My wife has all kinds of things growing that my kids and I consume, fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables so the less chemicals we can put out the better.

Additionally, we back up to a pond and there are regulations against spraying chemicals close to bodies of water.  I don't think the EPA is going to come after me if I do, but we enjoy the life around the pond and I want to maintain it as much as possible. Unlike our pond neighbor who likes to spray massive amounts of Round-Up right into the pond, ugh!

It is really one of the only criticisms of The Lawn Care Nut's Youtube channel. He does a great job explaining things and puts out excellent content but my man uses a ton of chemicals as you can see in his latest video.

Questions or Comments?